Easy and Free Steps Make Windows 7 Faster

Windows 7

If you are using Window 7 and its running very Slow than You will be having lots of questions in your mind like How to make Window 7 Faster, Is it really possible, if possible than how.??

If you want the solution of the above questions than Here i am going to tell you the tried and tested, Full proof methods to improve the speed of your Window 7. The latest versions of windows such as Win 8, 8.1, Windows 10 are much faster and upcoming windows 11 will be super faster than Windows 7.

There are lot many region of slowing down your system below are the steps which can make your window 7 faster and more faster.

Windows 7Step: 1 -In order to make your system Run Faster the very first step is your system should start first. Follow the steps to Make Windows 7 Start up faster by removing unwanted programs and services from start-up.

Type ‘ msconfig ‘ in Run  after that one window is going to appear as shown in below screenshot, Click on to Startup Tab. This will show you the list of programs which starts with your systems.

Remove the unwanted programs from the list which you don’t want to run while start of your system. This will speed up the start of your system.

Step: 2 – The Most important step is Increasing the virtual memory. if you open more windows and tabs in your system than increase the virtual memory.  the virtual memory is nothing but a memory where the temporary programs or files are going to be stored and Run.

it works with the physical memory (RAM) of your system. To increase the virtual memory right click on to Computer icon on your desktop and select the properties option and than select the Advance system setting.

When you will click on to Advance system setting the one window is going to appear as shown in below screenshot. Now click on to Advanced and under performance select the setting option.

When you will click on to setting it is going to open one window as shown below.!! Now click on to Advanced Tab in below screenshot and click on to change.

When you will click on to Change it will show you the another window as shown above. now in this window Un-check the Automatically managed option Select the C Drive and in custom size inter the initial size and maximum size.

Now what value you should enter in initial size and maximum size. As you can see in above screenshot there is recommended size is given enter that value. the Recommended value may change according to system RAM size in my case RAM is 3 GB so its showing 4605 MB so i will enter 4605 in initial and maximum size and click set and than ok.

After this it will ask you to restart your system. Restart your system and fill the speed change of your system.

Step: 3 – Now last option is Disk clean up. To remove the temporary and unwanted files from your system Disk Clean Up is required.  To perform the disk Clean up Go to Computer and select the C Drive, Right click and choose the properties option.

Usually C Drive is used to store/install the files & software and system is also installed in this drive only. After choosing Properties click on to Disk clean up option. it will take some time to search and calculate the files and memory.

It will show you the list of the files which need to be removed. UN-checked the  files which you don’t want to remove and than click on to ok. it will automatically remove the files.

This above 3 options are going to help you in improving the speed of your system (Window 7). However, Windows 11 if microsoft releases, it would be pretty much faster already. According to Tehyvoice, Windows 11 should be in 2017 itself. We hope that it will be useful for you. For any question or clarification comment below, we will try to help you. Thanks for your Time.



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